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Wish upon a star this week, Libra. And the brightest star in the sky? That could possibly be you! This is not a week to be staying home. Or if it is or you say work from home or in a behind the scenes job, you now need to be looking at new ways to get front of house and yourself noticed. Take what you do seriously as retro Mercury meets ruler Venus in your 10 th on the 24 th. Is it time for a relaunch? Your on-line presence, Instagram feed, Facebook or Twitter profile, website or blog may play a role here as could you presenting yourself in the flesh.

You do have a second chance to make a fresh impression now — so get creative in how you work this. This is your relaunch.

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The Sun in your 11 th shines on your social life, your social media profile and those goals, wishes and dreams. Do you need someone else in order for them to come true? This week calls for you to be your own best calling card and also to do just that. Phone, text, email, tag, talk and connect. Send yourself and your message far and wide. Talk about your vision as a Grand Fire Trine arches overhead between the Moon in your partnership sector, Juno and Mars conjunct in your 11 th and Jupiter in your 3 rd.

Ruler Venus arrives in here from the 28 th and as it does, it gets into a game-changing conversation with Ceres, also in your 3 rd.

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Between these two a new deal with someone is on the table and it amounts to a lot more than just talk. Or they could find you. In a nutshell: Wishes turn into goals when we take action to make them happen. This often begins with telling others what we want to achieve. Send that message out there far and wide, Libra. Career defining moments where rewards and recognition become real could happen this week, Scorpio. Ancient power player Mars is joined by the Sun and Venus in your house of career and peak achievements this week.

So, you need to remain aware of this at all times and to be aware of the impression you ae creating.

Mars in your 10 th injects you with ambition and confidence plus gives you the courage to succeed. Mars operates autonomously usually which can sometimes see us taking action without thinking too much about the effects this has on others. Success comes from collaboration and partnership. And Vesta echoes this sentiment as it trines Saturn in your good news sector from your 7 th.

Before Venus enters your 10 th it meets retro Mercury in your 9 th. News could release you from limitations now and possibly linked to the above. Venus is the natural ruler of both your 7 th and 2 nd houses. Sealing a deal merely adds to that growing sense of achievement and satisfaction. Remember — Venus is shortly going to move to trine Jupiter in here from your 10 th — something which has not happened in 12 years.

Bank on yourself now, Scorpio. You have what it takes. In a nutshell: Your confidence could be at an all-time high when it comes to career, Scorpio. Your secret to success?

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Collaboration and knowing nobody makes it on their own. This week could just feel like a mini-birthday one, Sag.

First there are changes or adjustments to be made. Again, this is all like a mini-birthday feel or in this case, the soul clearing we do just prior to our birthdays when the Sun and other planets are in our 12 th. This time however, you have retro Mercury meeting Venus in your powerful 8 th of endings and rebirth. The Sun is in your 9 th of all things Sag ruled from the 22 nd and the 23 rd is when you will really feel optimism and the call of the new.

For some the adventure could involve a new love affair with a true soul connection. Others could see doors to travel or opportunity swing wide just remember Mercury is retro for a little while longer. And just like you do on your birthday, be new or renewed on some level. Make a bold move this week towards a new beginning.

In a nutshell: We usually only get one birthday, Sag. Make the most of a fabulous new beginning now. Can you resist anything except temptation? Are you hesitating and if so, why? Your 8 th of transformative events, alchemical attractions and what you most desire is lit up with the arrival of the Sun in here.

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It joins Mars who is currently in bed in here with Juno — ruler of marriage and traditional unions. In our modern era those traditional unions extend to our employers, anyone we share something with and even our bank if we have credit cards, mortgages or loans. Someone wants to climb in with you or for you to join them. Either quite literally or figuratively. Whether you say yes or no, you will be changed. But especially if you say yes. Along with your 8 th , the other house impacted by this is your 12 th where you have Jupiter and Ceres. Sometimes the thing we most fear is having the thing we want the most.

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Is this true of you? Ceres rules power. How powerful do you feel when it comes to being able to have what you want? Or are you scared if you get it you will lose control of some aspect of yourself? Such as your freedom for example? Go deep into why you want what you want or why you may be afraid to have it as Mars trines Jupiter allowing you to push past barriers.

Venus also arrives in your 8 th on the 28 th and trines Ceres as it does. Could it be that what holds you back is the fear of just letting go and allowing yourself to jump right in to what or alternatively, who is on offer? Staying safe so often means settling for something passionless or so so.

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Let go and live a little now. In a nutshell: Something is on offer for you this week that has the power to transform a key area — or you on a deep level. Be seduced by change. Take it that during this time you are going to automatically draw to you who or what you need for your growth just as if you are a superhero with magnetism as your superpower!

Being the 11 th sign of the zodiac, you know all about 11 th house energy. This is future-focussed and any planets in here activate your ability to manifest your goals, wishes and dreams usually via the people you connect with. You will remember me telling you at the end of when Jupiter entered this house to make three wishes and to expect at least one of them to come true in the next 12 months. This week could bring you news of exactly that as Jupiter aligns to Juno and Mars conjunct in your 7 th and the Moon in your 3 rd.

Needless to say, with Venus and the Sun in your 7 th you are now in one of the best periods of the year for partnerships. For some of you, this could be the time to formalise your union. If you are seeking, then anything that begins now comes pre-packaged with the promise it could turn into something long term. Mars linking to Jupiter on the 25 th could see you determined to do everything you can to change your single status and confident about doing it.

If a new relationship begins it could feel very different to anything you have entered into before. If you want a new beginning with a current partner, Venus linking to Ceres on the 28 th offers exactly that. You decide. In a nutshell: A whole new world around love awaits you, Aquarius. No more lurking in that ivory tower. Time for you and another to take a magic carpet ride to a new level of relating and attraction. When we have planets transitting this house, on some level, we become more aware of our karma unfolding. This is our house of work and service, of routine, pets if we have them and of our wellbeing and health.

A big factor in our health is our intuition and this is ruled by our 12 th house and your ruler, Neptune. Our 6 th house is ruled by Mercury which is presently retrograde in your 5 th and encounters Venus in here this week just prior to Venus leaving for your 6 th.

Ignoring your intuition is not an option now. And if you have tuned out its messages in the past, you may now be facing the bill for doing just that. Mars also in your 6 th can bring you increased energy and also if not monitored, see you rushing. Be aware this can lead to accidents, mistakes being made at work especially while Mercury remains retrograde and burn-out. If you are now having to go back over something or change course in some way, you need to know that there will be no quick fixes.

That being said, following your intuition when it comes to your next move on the work or career front could see you take a big step in the right direction or put you back on your path if you have felt directionless. Karma is also about rewards for right actions taken in the past. Others could see these fall due. Take care of business this week. The business of wellbeing in particular.

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Just like karma —opportunity comes around again too. In a nutshell: Time to tap into your greatest resource — your intuition. You instinctively know when something is right, Pisces. Listen to your higher self and align with your higher purpose this week. Share it with your friends! Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition.

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